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It looks like the new battle for the America's Cup will be between Owners and Sailors. Notwithstanding Mike Sanderson's departure from Team Origin, at the moment the sailors are winning. BMW Oracle design coordinator Ian Burns has said that the AC "is the pinnacle of our sport" and continues "the boats should be physically demanding to race well and produce fast, competitive racing to engage new fans". And Russell Coutts says the boats "need to be designed from the outset to unleash the full potential of television".

But that was not what the Cup was originally about and not what brings in the fans. For the last 150 years the America's Cup has been about battling billionaires doing everything they can to capture a 150 year old trophy; sometimes bending the very broad rules in the process. Characters you loved or hated, with strong or weak actual racing skills, hiring the best sailors they could to bring the silver home. The Cup is NOT about providing a platform for sailors to race in cool boats for adoring fans. If there wasn't the scandal and the money and the personalities there would not be a Cup. It would just be a sailing race. And look where sailing races end up in TV programming schedules.

I wonder how long the honeymoon between Coutts and Ellison will last before this realisation hits home?

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