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So the Auld Mug stays in San Francisco and Australians are the new Challenger of Record for AC35.

That was quite a comeback.   From 8-1 down to win 9-8.   Hard to argue that Oracle USA are not worthy winners.   And Emirates Team New Zealand had solid chances before letting the Cup slip from their grasp.   So what next?   Will Ellison and Coutts adjust the formula having seen the high percentage of dropouts from the LV challenger series?  Or will they be bouyed by their success and continue to run it exactly as they wish?   Will Bob Oatley (owner of the successful Wild Oats, Sydney to Hobart racing yachts) and the Hamilton Island Yacht Club have an impact on yacht design or racing formats as Challenger of Record for the next Cup?   And will anyone talk about bringing the racing back to monohulls?  Or are we now hooked on multihull speed?

Whatever gets decided let us hope that more teams are involved, that prices are brought back to earth, that the way it is marketed encourages nations to enthusiastically support their teams.   If all of these things happen maybe we would get back involved.  Instead of watching from the sidelines.  Watch this space...

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